Meet our Team

LMS and eLearning experts live here.

Meet the wizards behind 27+ years of web development success. Our knowledge base and expertise are unrivaled in the industry. Our team of passionate and skilled developers is dedicated to creating user-friendly websites through eLearning, LMS, and Learndash development and customization.


Ellen K. Martin

Ellen Martin

Ellen, the brains behind the operation, has been programming computers longer than some of us have been alive… almost 40 years, but who's counting? 

As a coach and teacher at heart, Ellen brings a unique perspective to the table, having taught everything college courses in Leadership & Management to U.S. Navy Midshipmen at The University of Arizona, to teaching people how to create courses and websites for their business. 

Her background in Information Technology and Education makes her a true eLearning guru, capable of designing solutions that meet your business needs, whether you're looking for a quick fix or a long-term strategy.

Courtney Zerbe
Chief of Operations

Meet Courtney, our resident boss lady who keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine! With a degree in economics from Florida State University and a background in account management and information technology, she's the ultimate triple threat. 

Since taking on the role of Chief Operations Officer, Courtney has worked her magic to streamline our workflow, making sure exceptional products are delivered on time, every time. She's a master of moving up timelines and ensuring satisfaction for clients and employees alike. 

Core Team

Ron Martin
Director of Marketing

Ron is our resident LMS strategist and digital marketing maestro! With over 25 years of experience in web and graphic design, he's a certified digital marketing professional skilled in creating amazing membership and e-learning sites. 

Steven Byrd
Systems Administrator

Steven is our tech superhero who keeps our systems running like a well-oiled machine! Steven is the genius behind all things tech-related, from troubleshooting those pesky error messages to managing servers and setting up the latest and greatest software. 


Henry Mendez
Senior Developer

Henry is our senior developer and is a seasoned pro with expertise in WordPress, BuddyBoss, and Learndash. With a passion for crafting unique and engaging learning experiences, he can take your online learning site to the next level, from customizing your BuddyBoss theme to building a user-friendly Learndash interface.


Jomo Myles
Project Manager

Jomo brings over seven years of experience in administrative and project support roles to our team. His leadership and problem-solving skills are unparalleled, and his ability to prioritize issues and adjust routines make him a value asset to any project.

Joanne Brilliantes

Joanne is our resident LMS and Learndash developer extraordinaire! Experienced in creating engaging and impactful e-learning experiences, Joanne is your go-to gal for all things LMS.  

Mike Kennedy
Development Manager

Mike leads our web development team and is our marketing automations guru and web development wizard who's here to take your business to new heights! He's a true master of services like Keap and ActiveCampaign, with a knack for automating all the things. 


Chris Toliver
Site Maintenance Manager

Chris is our site maintenance manager who specializes in providing white glove plugin updates for your WordPress site. Chris is dedicated to ensuring that your website's plugins are always up to date and running smoothly, so you can focus on running your business.

Anderson Gomez
Technical Support Specialist

Anderson is our technical support specialist and assistant web developer. With his attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and great communication, Anderson is dedicated to providing excellent customer support.